Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ATT Hacked and Loses 19,000 Customer Records

There is a report that hackers got into ATT's DSL Store over the weekend and made off with 19,000 customer records.

Tom Young from wrote:

Hackers have obtained the credit card details of almost 19,000 online shoppers from telecoms giant AT&T.

The US company says it has notified shoppers at its online store of the security breach, which affected people buying high-speed DSL internet items.

Full story, here.

Another story from (Scott M. Fulton, III) TG Daily reports:

The company admits that records for customers purchasing DSL service and equipment online through AT&T were swiped sometime over the weekend, though a company spokesperson told the San Jose Mercury-News today that no incidents of unauthorized credit card use had yet been reported by customers.

Story, here.

In a lot of data breaches, the companies affected have been slow to admit anything. In this instance, it appears that ATT is doing so and making an effort to notify it's customers.

Covering up data breaches to avoid "bad publicity" erodes consumer confidence in the company breached. Maybe some companies are finally realizing this?

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to attack it, head-on!

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