Sunday, August 06, 2006

Expert Warns RFID Passports AREN'T Completely Safe

Looks like a lot of "information" is coming out from the "Hackers Convention" (DefCon) in Vegas. Here - AGAIN - an expert is warning that using RFID in passports might have security implications.

Here is an interesting article from Dan Goodin of the AP:

Electronic passports being introduced in the U.S. and other countries have a major vulnerability that could allow criminals to clone embedded secret code and enter countries illegally, an expert warned.

A demonstration late Friday by German computer security expert Lukas Grunwald showed how personal information stored on the documents could be copied and transferred to another device.

It appeared to contradict assurances by officials in government and private industry that the electronic information stored in passports could not be duplicated.

Link to AP article, here.

Here is a recent post, I wrote about another warning concerning the use of RFID in passports:

RFID Hacked Again and Vendor Says it's as Safe as Anything in Your Wallet!

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