Saturday, August 12, 2006

Trust and Risk in the Workplace

Dr. Monica Whitty (pictured on the left) of Queens University in Northern Ireland (Belfast) is conducting a formal study on "Trust and Risk in the Workplace."

In Dr. Whitty's own words, here is why she is conducting this study:

"A number of surveys have been run on internet usage, yet researchers still know little about how individuals use their work computers. The purpose of this study is to ascertain how individuals in different countries use their work computers and/or laptop computers. It also asks how they protect their work computers and/or laptops from security risks."

There have been a lot of "compromises" that have occurred because of "not very safe" computer practices in the workplace, therefore this survey might reveal some interesting insights.

Furthermore, a lot of people/organizations have been "victimized" because they didn't have the necessary computer protection (which might change daily), or they simply didn't follow some of the "safety rules," that are now a "necessity" when navigating the murky waters of the Internet.

The survey is open to the citizens of the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, the Netherlands and Singapore who use a laptop, or desktop at work.

If you are interested in taking the survey, link here.

Dr. Whitty's personal page and biography can be found, here.


prying1 said...

Although I only use the work computer for work on Wednesdays and when the boss is out on vacation (coming up soon again) I took the survey. Most of the time at work I jump on the only machine we have in the place to check emails and might blog surf a bit time permitting... - Was able to answer honestly but wished I had a spot to write a bit of explanation - 50 words/500 letters or so should do it if she could throw in a spot for it -

It was an easy and quick survey - Keep up the good work -

Anonymous said...

Interesting survey. It made me think about how many things I do that probably aren't very safe.