Friday, October 12, 2007

Resources to avoid those dangerous Chinese products

There has been a lot in the news lately about dangerous Chinese products. At this point, there seems to be too many of them for the average person to keep up on.

I happened to be taking a look at Lou Dobbs' site and found some great resources that the average person can use to determine, whether or not, they are making a safe buying decision.

Since there doesn't seem to be enough oversight by our government to ensure our safety, I highly recommend taking matters into your own hands. Especially with the holiday season rapidly approaching.

On the site, I found a link to a U.S. PIRG page on recalled toys, here.

Additionally, the page had a safety blog set up by, here.

Also, on the page, is a message from Mattel about products they have voluntarily recalled, here.

Of course, the Chinese haven't only been in the news lately for exporting dangerous products.

Here are some posts about other things they are doing that might be considered dangerous to the rest of the world:

China caught stealing government information again!

The Hackers from China are at it AGAIN!

How Dangerous is China

Here are another posts, I've done (with lots of references) about unsafe products from China.

The new red menace, global commerce from China

Of course, we can't only blame the Chinese. There are other forces in this equation, who are making a lot of money doing business with China:

The problem of unsafe products from China are just a symptom of the bigger problem!

Maybe if we started making more educated shopping choices, some of these problems would go away?

After all, the almighty dollar has a lot of power!


Monty Loree said...


Hey Edward,
We're starting to get people reporting advance fee loan scam sites in Canada. We're one of the few websites reporting these issues in Canada.

It's totally amazing to me how experienced these loan scammers are. They are very trained in deceiving people.

I recorded two podcasts today... One from a lady who sent $500 to a advance fee loan scammer but got it back, and another fellow who was taken for $2000 when he tried to borrow to purchase a truck.

These podcasts will be posted here:

Good to see your site here!

omaus said...

One thing of note:

China has been exporting poisonous and otherwise toxic products for years. They have been caught doing it before and have promised to clean up their act time and time again but either fail to do so or they resume poisoning things again after a while.

In many cases, China denies poisoning products. American companies which sell Chinese-made products are never told that the products they resell are poisoned. When asked, China denies products are poisoned. They only "do something" when there is incontrovertible evidence.

This is a huge fraud and unfortunately is one that is accepted by nearly everyone.

It should be noted that the vast majority of products from China are treated with poison, from shoes to eating utensils, and even foods.

Every product for animal use is poisoned. Pets die for no apparent reason or are chronically ill when they are around these products.

People in the semiconductor and biotech industries are directly exposed to poisoned articles for hours every day and exhibit symptoms of poisoning that go unrecognised by everyone, including the employee's own doctors. The poison is absorbed through the skin and eyes, inhaled through face covers. People can't understand why they are ill at work and not ill at home. Health and safety surveys of workplaces ignore the poisoned articles, assuming that the problem is caused by the workplace, the chemicals used, et cetera and not by the articles workers are required to wear. People are laid off or fired because of the symptoms, et cetera.

The symptoms of the poisons China uses include liver and kidney problems, neurological disorders, eye problems, fatigue, skin rashes and blisters. Pets' sypmtoms include lethargy and renal failure.

With everything coming from China being poisoned, what is that doing to the environment? The poison being used is very long-lived and is not very water soluble. It is building up in landfills, sewage systems, et cetera. Even though the amount per item is small, there are a lot of items coming from China so the cumulative effect is great.

Since practically every single thing is poisoned, is a boycott really going to work? I think that there is now far too much dependency on China, a boycott in Chinese goods will be much more than an inconvenience and will never succeed. It would hurt just as much as if China suddenly stopped exporting everything.