Sunday, May 08, 2005

Ahmed Chalabi, Former Minister in Iraq and Convicted Fraudster

The amount of stories about fraud coming out of Iraq is amazing. Ahmed Chalabi, now former deputy prime minister, was convicted in Jordan for embezzling $288 million dollars in an investment fraud scheme. He lost his post on Sunday, but is obviously very much in the political mix over there. During the 90's, he was a prominent lobbyist in Washington pushing for a regime change in Iraq.

Although a long time favorite of our goverment, he fell out of favor when he allegedly provided Iran with secret U.S. intelligence.

Of course, according to Chalabi, all of these allegations are "politically motivated".

Presently, we are placing our young men and women in harm's way in Iraq. Daily, some of them are making the ultimate sacrifice and it is believed that insurgents cross the border (daily) to join the "jihad".

Having leaders like this in Iraq cannot help our cause and could help inspire additional violence.

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