Sunday, May 08, 2005

Counterfeit Identification

In order for criminals to commit fraud, they need identification made up in their "assumed identities". Not only is this a fraud issue, but it also is a threat to our security in general. Counterfeit identification, such as driver's licenses, state identifications, military ID, green cards and even passports are easily available to criminals. With advances in computer technology, the quality of these counterfeits has increased dramatically.

Besides financial crimes, these documents can be used to gain entry into the country and even sensitive facilities. They can also be used to purchase firearms, despite the background checks that most areas require. Quite simply, if the identity is "clean", the firearm is sold. Of even greater concern is that they could be used by terrorists.

It is a known fact that there are a lot of illegal immigrants working jobs in the country. Any employer knows that they are required to identify an employee with identification documents that the government requires. Therefore, we must assume that the majority of these people have obtained "false identities" and or "fake identification" in order to gain employment.

I predict that this will become a "hot topic" in the years to come and in fact it already has. There are security issues, as well as, privacy issues to consider.

Here is a link to a GAO (Government Accounting Office) report.

Here is a link to report fraud to the GAO.

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