Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Fraud in Prison

This story hit the news when a package with numerous fraudulent tax returns was sent to the wrong address. A local Television Station did an investigation and discovered a inmate, who told them that in his prison alone, he estimated that 500 of these forms had been filled out. This would have cost the government about (his estimate) $2.5 million. He also indicated that this goes on all over.

This was accomplished by filling out forms easily available at any Office Supply Store. They use the identities of prisoners and business addresses that do not exist. If this is going on all over, as he states, I'm sure fake identities are also used.

No one wants to reveal the informant's identity for his own protection. Could be his motive, but the informant is hoping he will get his case reheard. Of course, he is personally innocent.

No wonder we have a DEFICIT!

If you suspect any type of tax fraud, you're asked to call IRS investigators at (800) 829-0433.


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