Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Aftermath of the CardSystems Data Breach

A lot of people are saying that many of these large scale data intrustions are only now coming to light because of a law requiring disclosure that was passed in California last year. I've always said that awareness and action, both legal and political is what is needed to stop a crime that claims almost 9 million victims a year. There are some refreshing signs that this is beginning to happen.

Here is an article from the AP passed on by MSNBC about the attorneys general of 44 states demanding more information. This would include exactly how the intrusion occurred and whom on a personal level is at risk.


Here is another article via Yahoo news about a law firm based in San Rafael, California that is filing a class action law suit in behalf of California victims.


It is the individual, who has up until now been forced to bear the brunt of this criminal activity. All too often, I suspect that large corporations ignore the damage this does to the individual and pass their own costs of fraud on by charging higher prices for their goods and servives. The time is now for large corporations to become the solution by protecting their customers. Disclosure laws will help us (the consumer) make make intelligent choices on who to give our business.

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