Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Farewell Mr. Ebbers (Former WorldCom CEO)

Farewell Mr. Ebbers,

Justice has spoken and you face 25 years in prison. Your lawyers were very eloquent in citing your charitable causes and how dismayed you have become at the damage to people's personal lives you caused.

Seeing you cry broke my heart, but what about all the people you caused to lose 180 billion dollars worth of their hard earned money? What about the 20,000 employees, who trusted you only to lose their jobs due to your greed?

In this venue, we try to help the victims of the world. These are real people, who work hard and hope to someday have a modest retirement. How many people have you caused to have less than a modest retirement in their future?

Hopefully, this is a sign of change and illustrates that the common person is sick and tired of becoming a victim of those who ruin lives for the sake of their personal wealth.

Fraud is increasing at a record rate. All too often, we see where large corporations put the bottom line over the personal well-being of those they call their customers. Someone needs to remember that it was the customer, who built many of these corporate giants. It is my sincere hope that the corporate world will take this as a signal that it is time to protect the very people, who have made their existence possible.

Until then, we must all continue to communicate and make people aware of this growing problem, which destroys people's lives.

For more information on this from the AP, please click on the title of this post.

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