Sunday, July 03, 2005

Reporting Fraud

Frequently, while surfing the internet, I have noticed a that there are a lot of scam baiters out there. While this frustrates the fraudster on an individual basis, it does little more than waste their time unless reported to the proper authority.

If you were to talk to anyone involved in the investigation of scams, they would tell you that all too often, nothing is reported until someone is victimized and in most cases, the trail is cold and resolution is impossible.

Quite simply, the fraudsters method of operation is to change identities and even scams frequently to confuse anyone who might come after them. The best intelligence, we can pass on is fresh information that is useful to investigative agencies.

Scam baiters can be a very valuable resource to those who take legal action. Often they have the fresh information that could be valuable to a law enforcement agency.

There is a great (all inclusive website) from a Mr. Anthony Elsop, which lists where you can report just about anything related to internet crime.

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Laws are being considered all over to make this crime more dangerous and (hopefully) allocate more resources to prosecute those who commit it. Take the time to identify your political representatives and let them know how you feel.

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