Monday, October 17, 2005

Ask the Private Investigator

There are a lot of sites on fraud and I've looked a quite a few of them. Here is one, I consider noteworthy by John Dierckx, Corporate Risks New Zealand. John is a Private Investigator, who is not only well rounded in investigations, but also specializes in computer crime (cyber-investigations).

What I like about this site is that John, who is obviously a very busy and talented investigator, takes the time to share his knowledge with everyone in the interest of protecting people.

Recently, he even wrote a post of interest to bloggers on how not to not get into trouble with your employer. His most recent post on Pyramid Schemes is extremely well researched and contains valuable information on how not to become a victim. What's interesting is he clearly defines the difference between Pyramid Schemes and MLM (Multi-level Marketing). Please note, there are a lot of scams within Multi-level marketing, also!

To read John's article, click on the title of this post!

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