Friday, October 07, 2005

State of Pennsylvania Unveils Website on Fraud

In the past week, I have been focusing on efforts by politicians to take a bite out of the fraud crisis. The State of Pennsylvania recently put up a website to protect it's citizens from becoming statistics.

Below is a press release, directly from the Governor's office:

Governor Edward G. Rendell today announced a new effort to protect consumers and keep them alerted to fraud. The Governor said that the state Department of Banking has created a new, easy-to-use Web site that will provide consumers with instant notification when the Department of Banking takes action against a financial service provider.

"One way to protect consumers is to provide them with up-to-the-minute information on financial service providers," Governor Rendells said. "With this new Web site by the Department of Banking, consumers can sign up for free electronic updates to be kept apprised of any attempt to rip them off."

The new Web site, which went live early this morning is at

"Unfortunately, there are individuals and companies who want to prey on people," Governor Rendell said. "The information that will be provided through this Web site will empower consumers to make informed decisions about where they do business."

Making people AWARE is a key item in the fight against fraud!

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