Sunday, November 06, 2005

Deb Radcliff, Cybercrime Educator/Author

Recently, I have had the honor of corresponding with Deb Radcliff (pictured on right), who has an impressive background as an educator/author. What I like about her style is that she has a "no holds barred" approach and doesn't worry about being "politically correct." Deb also seems to hit a key point in her writing, which is the solution to this type of crime cannot only be technical, but that the social issues must be addressed also.

Some of her accomplishments include:

"Winner of several awards, including two Jesse H. Neal Awards, one for best individual feature, Class B sized magazine for cover story, "Hackers, Terrorists and Spies" (Software Magazine, 1998) and for group reporting, best news story, Computerworld, "Wireless LANs: Trouble in the Air," 2003, by the American Business Press.

Annual speaker at West Point Military Academy, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering.

Launched a "Hack of the Month" column for Computerworld in 1999.

The FBI requested reprint rights to "Barbarians at the Firewall," Byte, 1996, to train its new cyber crime unit investigators.

Her stories are now posted on more than 500 news, business, hacker, government and consumer sites (many on CNN and The Register) and are also used in training materials, guidebooks and college textbooks, including McGraw-Hill's Violence and Terrorism, 2003/2004."

Although Deb writes for a lot of different publications, she recently accepted an assignment with Network Life, which is owned by Network World. She also does several blogs, Security Chief, Security Awareness and Online Crime Bytes.

Deb is a must read for anyone interested in the constantly changing world of computer/internet crime. With these types of crimes constantly mutating, she is also probably one of the best resources for a person to be educated against the perils that face us from this menace today.

To view Deb's personal website, you can click on the title of this post.

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