Friday, January 13, 2006

Dear Mr. Lay........Sincerely Aunt Millie and the Other Victims

Dear Mr. Lay (Ken),

Sincerely enjoy this attempt (your new website) to claim your innocence in inflicting financial harm against your investors, your employees and the millions of energy consumers Enron ripped off. Now you say that you just didn't know what was really going on. However the bottom line is that while Enron burned you privately sold off 300 million in over-valued stock; while encouraging others (even your employees) to keep buying.

You certainly knew enough to ensure your personal finances before the crash.

The government, who represents the people is charging you with eleven counts of 11 counts of securities fraud, wire fraud, and making false and misleading statements. If you are convicted, you face 175 years in prison. Don't be too dismayed, I'm sure with all the accomplishments listed on your web page that "time off for good behavior" isn't out of the question.

Then there are the people of California and our Aunt Millie, who your company suggested use candles when she could no longer afford the electric bills Enron was raising at record rates via deceptive actions. I'm sure if our Aunt Millie had 300 million in personal assets, she wouldn't have needed candles as was "jokingly" suggested in one of your board rooms.

Perhaps, I shouldn't mention Aunt Millie, it seems you and your defense team have ensured most of this evidence can't be heard at your trial, Enron Jury Won't Hear Tapes of Co. Traders. I'm sure this will help your case, but some of it will still filter in, such as testimony that your former counsel, Richard Sanders briefed you on schemes like making uncongested transmission lines seem congested so Enron could profit by being paid for problems that didn't exist.

I did mention Aunt Millie, because Aunt Millie represents the human suffering Enron caused for millions of people and this is what on a personal level you should be ashamed of.

Let's face it Ken (can I call you that now), NO ONE, but you and your "friends" have profited from this. The fact that many of the victims were poor and ordinary people makes Enron's actions "shameful" considering how rich you and the "fellas" already were. Even if the civil portion of all of this is settled, it is unlikely any of the individual victims will receive a penny.

In your own words, you state:

"As CEO of the company, I accept responsibility for Enron's collapse. ... However, that does not mean I knew everything that happened at Enron, and I firmly reject the notion that I engaged in any wrongful or criminal activity."

In the words of Aunt Millie and the people:


Here are the formal charges against Ken:

U.S. v. Kenneth L. Lay

Here is Ken's site, protesting his innocence:

Ken Lay Information

Maybe some ads for candles would be a nice touch on your site.

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