Friday, January 06, 2006

Get a Quick $20.00 and GO BROKE!

For the last year, I've noticed an increase in "ATM Skimming." ATM Skimming was big a few years ago when criminals would plant a fake ATM Automatic teller machine (portable type) in a public place. The fake machine would electronically take your card information and a hidden camera would record your Personal identification number (PIN).

The crooks would then "copy" your card and then since the hidden camera had recorded your PIN abruptly clean out your account.

This activity seemed to disappear, then reappear (mutate) in a much more dangerous form. With wireless technology, criminals are now attaching hardware to existing ATM's at banks and doing the same thing. The difference being that you are going to your regular ATM (which you trust) and they are capturing the information from a distance.

They often do this over a weekend, or holiday, then remove the devices before anyone notices that the ATM machine has been compromised.

Recently, I've noticed reports of this activity on the rise in Europe, Asia and South America. The activity is increasing in frequency and showing up in North America, also.

Here is a post, I did several months ago, which includes photographs of the hardware and what to be on the look out for: ATM Machines That Clone Your Card. Please note that included in this post are (descriptive photographs) for the average person to learn what to be AWARE OF!

Here is one of many stories from the mainstream media on the latest scam, which hit in New York City, courtesy of the fine people at FOX News:

"A team of clever crooks ripped off more than $100,000 from at least 50 unsuspecting ATM users in Chinatown and on Staten Island in one of the largest ever info-heists from city banks, police said yesterday."

For the full story by FOX, please read, ATM Scam Nets Thieves Over $100G.

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prying1 said...

Whenever I type in a pin number first I look behind me to make sure no one is there. Then I cover what I'm doing with my other hand and stand as close as I can to the machine with my head I hope in the way so no hidden camera from above can catch my movements...

Thanks for your posts and concern for your fellow man.