Monday, January 30, 2006

Nurses Are the Most Honest Professionals AND my Mom is One

All too often, I spend too much time pondering and taking ACTION against slime ball people (cyber scum), who rip off innocent people to further their financial resources.

Once in awhile, it's nice to get away from focusing on people with no morals and remember those, who make a difference and demonstrate that daily. Society recognizes professions and people by the contributions they make. It appears that Nurses are at the top of the list AND my Mom (Carole Dickson) is one.

Miranda Hitti of WebMD wrote this telling story based on a Gallup poll:

Nurses are America's most honest and ethical professionals, according to a new Gallup survey. Nearly 80% of the annual poll's participants ranked nurses "very high" or "high" for honesty and ethics.

More than 1,000 adults took part in the November phone survey. They were asked to rate the honesty and ethical standards of various professions as "very high," "high," "average," "low," or "very low."

Nurses have been in the winner's circle before. They've traditionally ranked at or near the top of the list of professionals that the public holds in high regard. Each year the list rotates approximately 20 professions, and nurses have held their high position in the listing since they were added to the poll in 1999, except for one year. In 2001, firefighters were rated No. 1 after their heroic acts during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Interestingly, in her retirement, Mom does volunteer nursing duties at local fire stations. Her sister (Marylou) told me her motivation is because they are "cute." Marylou is another kind soul, who has dedicated her life to the rights of animals and works for the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

Mom also helps Marylou (sometimes coast to coast) in her efforts to promote the ethical treatment of other living beings. She is also a published author on this subject and trains law enforcement and (social welfare types) on the implications of abusive behavior towards animals.

Here is what Marylou does and MOM tirelessly supports in her retirement:

Mary Lou Randour's Bio Page

Here is a link to Marylou's most recent novel/video:

Animal Grace by Mary Lou Randour - All Creatures Book and Video ...

Since retiring, Mom has not only dedicated a lot of her time to supporting Marylou's causes, but has become an outspoken advocate against the war in Iraq and made her political views known by becoming actively involved in the political process.

I could go on and on about things Mom did before she retired, but I don't have time to write a novel.

In the early eighties (after us children left) Mom took two years to run refugee camps on the Thai/Cambodian border. During this time, she met and collaborated with Haing S. Ngor, who starred in the movie the The Killing Fields (1984).

In one of our not frequent enough conversations, Mom told me a train ride she made with Dr. Ngor from the border to Bangkok, where he predicted his death. Sadly enough, he predicted the criminal gangs prevalent in Southeast Asia would reach him no matter where he went. Sadly enough, this later proved to be Los Angleles.

Before that, Mom was an Officer with the U.S. Public Health Service and a housewife (who volunteered a lot of time to the poor) in the Pakistan.

I don't need a "Gallup Poll" to tell me that Nurse are #1. In my book, they are some of the finest people to grace this planet, we call Earth.

Here is the story from Ms. Hitti: Nurses Are America's Most Honest Professionals

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prying1 said...

Good post Ted. Outside of your usual venue which I enjoy but this topic is refreshing.

Plus I'm glad that you've shown that you know how to deal with the good people as well as the bad....