Thursday, July 27, 2006

Don't Allow HR 3997 to Take Away Rights from Identity Theft Victims

Received an e-mail from the Consumers Union - about the identity theft bill (HR 3997) being voted on in Congress this week.

This bill (many believe) isn't consumer friendly and will weaken existing state laws to protect the rights of "identity theft" victims.

I decided to pass this on and see if anyone else wants to let Congress know how you feel.

Here is the letter:

Great news! Together, we're putting the kibosh on identity thieves. In roughly one year, consumers like you sent more than 420,000 emails to lawmakers across the country asking them to pass strong identity theft protections.

Due to these efforts, 25 states have passed laws protecting consumers. Last week, more than 1,500 consumers from 49 states and the D.C. called their representatives and asked them to “vote no” on HR 3997, a do-nothing identity bill. The effort paid off as the House delayed a vote on the bill! Help us kill this bill once and for all. Find out how you can help!

If you are interested in why (many of us believe) this isn't the bill to pass, here is my most recent post - along with previous posts about this subject:

The Financial Data Protection Act Doesn't Protect the Citizen

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Anonymous said...

This is an extremely important issue, thank you for all the work you do!