Friday, August 11, 2006

Department of Transportation Joins the Lost Laptop "Hall of Shame"

Here we go again - it's amazing that with about 91 million Americans compromised - we still have laptops containing people's personal information available for the taking.

There were several stories of this, but I found the one from the "Department of Homeland Stupidity," the most appropriate:

A U.S. Department of Transportation laptop containing names, birthdates, addresses and Social Security numbers of about 133,000 Florida driver license, commercial driver license and pilot’s license holders was stolen from an employee’s car, the department said Wednesday.

The theft occurred on July 27, but Acting Inspector General Todd Zinser said he was not aware that it had contained personal information until last weekend.

The password-protected laptop contains personal information for approximately 42,792 Florida pilots, approximately 80,667 Miami-Dade County CDL holders, and approximately 9,005 individuals who obtained their personal driver’s licenses and approximately 491 drivers who obtained their CDLs from the Largo licensing examining facility near Tampa.

Link, here.

Here is a previous post, I did on the most recent desktop taken from a VA contractor that contained personal information:

Another Computer with VA Data has Gone Missing

This was announced shortly after the arrest of two teenagers - who stole a laptop containing 26.5 million veterans private information.

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