Friday, September 01, 2006

Accounting Firm Causes 5th Data Breach for Wells Fargo in Three Years

Here we go again - an "auditing firm" has caused Wells Fargo their fifth data breach in three years.

Here is a bit from the article just released from Computer World:

This time the letters are going to an undisclosed number of employees whose personal information was contained in a computer and a hard disk stolen from the trunk of a locked vehicle belonging to an employee of an auditing firm retained by Wells Fargo.

Julia Tunis, a bank spokeswoman, did not say when the equipment was stolen. But she said the bank had started sending out letters to all the affected employees yesterday.

Link to Computer World article, here.

We seem to have a lot of these data breaches occur - courtesy of auditing firms. Here is a previous post, I did about a well known auditing firm exposing a lot of personal information:

Stealing Data Shouldn't be so Darned Easy

With all the auditing (compliance) going on that causes data breaches - it makes me wonder if someone doesn't need to audit the auditors!

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T.L. Stanley said...

Good post. Audit the auditors. I like that idea. Take care.