Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Close Call for Check Fraud Informant

I read a pretty scary article today. An informant working undercover on a check fraud case for the postal authorities was assaulted when she went into a house in Indiana. Because she was wearing a wire(hidden microphone), police overheard the assault and the informant was rescued. When the house was searched a body bag and a shovel were found. This illustrates that some extremely dangerous criminals are involved in the fraud business.

The criminals involved in check fraud are normally always involved in identity theft. Here is an earlier post about the impact of identity theft.

This case was being investigated by the postal authorities. Here is another post about counterfeit postal money orders, prevalent today in lottery and auction scams. These scams normally relate to an advance fee (419) scam, where a victim is tricked into performing a wire transfer back to the criminal, who is normally somewhere overseas.

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