Friday, May 20, 2005

Robin Hoods Against Internet Fraud

In the international fight against on line scams, there is an interesting site, "Artists Against 419"(click on title to view). Some believe they are responsible for the recent hacking of "phishing sites". Here are some other sites from around the world that attract people who try to fight internet fraud- The 419 Coalition, Scam-O-Rama, 419eater and 419Legal. Some of these sites promote "baiting" fraudsters into thinking they have a "dupe" on the line. Please engage in this at your own risk.

419, or Advance Fee scams mutate frequently and involve, check fraud, wire transfer fraud, credit card fraud, telecom fraud and of course identity theft

Here is a (List of fake lottery web sites). Lottery scams have become a prevalent form of internet fraud. Last, but not least (The Ebola Monkey Man) is a unusual "editorial" on these types of scams.

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