Thursday, May 19, 2005

Heroes in the Identity Theft War

The news is calling them "vigilantes". Common folk might refer to them as heroes. With the majority of "Phishing" occuring from overseas, it seems sometimes like little is being done about it. "Phishing" is a newer form of on line fraud where a victim is enticed by fraud e-mail, or misdirection to a fraudulent site with the intention of stealing their personal information. When this happens, good people's financial means are ruined. Even if they aren't financially ruined, they face a mountain of red tape just to get their personal affairs back in order.

Because people are frustrated, phishing sites are being taken down by ordinary citizens. They are fighting this form of on line fraud by putting warnings on the sites. Many of the sites are being identified by the Netcraft Toolbar community. They offer a tool bar that detects "Phishing" for free at:

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