Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cyber Terrorist Out of Commission

The Site (Search for International Terrorist Entities) is reporting that a cyber terrorist responsible for spreading terrorist propaganda and even instruction materials is no longer in business.

The Washington Post is reporting that (Terrorist 007) Irhabi 007 disappeared off the internet last fall after four youths were arrested under the terrorism Act. British investigators have confirmed that one of the youths (Younis Tsouli) is the Al Qaeda hacker authorities have been seeking for two years.
Note that the article states that 007 used stolen credit cards to pay for his "hacking" activities.

Here is information from the SITE publication on this:

"For almost two years, intelligence services and government agencies around the globe have tried to uncover the identity of the notorious Internet expert Irhabi 007 (Terrorist 007), an infamous hacker whose teachings and contributions to the jihadi Internet community reigned unparalleled until the summer of 2005. It was then, on October 21, 2005, that British Authorities in Scotland Yard arrested four youths under the Terrorism Act instated after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Among these individuals was 22 year old West London resident Younis Tsouli, recently revealed to be the infamous Irhabi 007 himself."

"Celebrated in jihadi circles for his extensive computer abilities and his notorious hacking prowess, Irhabi changed the face of the jihadi Internet world through his ability to covertly and securely disseminate violent materials including manuals of weaponry, videos of jihadist feats, such as the beheadings perpetrated by Iraqi insurgents, and other inflammatory media files."
Full document, here:

Irhaby 007 Unveiled: A Portrait of a Cyber-Terrorist

There is a lot of evidence that Al Qaeda has used technology and in particular, the internet, for years. Here is document describing the extent of it by Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas, USA Retired:

PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly - Spring 2003

Normally, I write about financial crimes in relation (largely) to the internet. This illustrates that our failure to address the growing criminal and it seems terrorist use of this medium could have grave consequences.

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