Wednesday, August 16, 2006

buySAFE Protecting 3,000,000 eBay Listings

I recently did a post on buySAFE and how they bond sellers on eBay. Today (on the buySAFE blog), they announced 3,000,000 listings are being protected by their service.

If the seller has the buySAFE seal - the transaction is guaranteed.

For the announcement on buySAFE's blog, link here.

Recently - with proposed fee increases - there are a lot of eBay users speaking out. For an interesting article about this by AOL (Sheldon Liber), link here.

One of the frustrations mentioned in the article is the amount of fraud on auction sites.

I read another article (one of many in the past few years) that says auction fraud is on the increase in Japan:

Web auction fraud leads surge in Japan cyber crime

This same trend has been noted (pretty much), worldwide.

It seems that there is a need for services, such as buySAFE, to bolster consumer confidence and protect the "little guy."

Here is the original post, I did on buySAFE:

buySAFE Protects it's Customers from Fraud on eBay

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