Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fraudsters Stealing Personal Details from Discarded Computers

There are several reports about personal details being harvested from discarded computers, or from hard drives that aren't properly disposed of by the repair facility.

The problem is caused because most people only delete their files before getting rid of a system. If the wrong person gets their hands on the hardware - the files are easily extracted and identity theft can occur.

One story from the Daily Telegraph about this can be read here.

The article from the Daily Telegraph references this activity occurring in Lagos (Nigeria), but according to other sources - Nigeria isn't the only point of compromise.

Bob Sullivan of MSNBC did a story in June about this same type of activity. His story references it happening in the United States, link here. In the MSNBC story - the hard drive in question was discarded (replaced) at Best Buy.

Computer security experts say the only way you can make sure your information has been erased is to destroy the hard drive, or use special software to erase everything.

Also - if you have your hard drive replaced - insist on getting the part back and destroy it yourself!


Anonymous said...

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