Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Feedback Farms and the Need for Third Party Verification Sources eBay

Steve Swoda wrote an interesting commentary about Feedback Farms on eBay.

In his own words:

Last week, Ina Steiner documented the basic story of 'Feedback Farms' on eBay.

I have to be honest, these scams continue to amaze me, and one has to conclude that these scams are damaging and undermining the entire feedback/merchant rating system. If fraudsters can so easily create feedback/merchant ratings in the thousands, then buyers will have to increase their vigilance online. From a buyer's point of view, it continues to be more and more difficult to truly discern good from bad.

Link, here.

Steve makes a good argument about how the need for "third party verification" process is becoming necessary for (prudent consumers) in the e-commerce world.

His company (buySAFE) provides this type of service and is free to the consumer, who chooses to shop where their "seal of approval" has been given.

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