Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Industrial Trojan Fraud (Espionage) Discovered

The police in Israel have alleged that they uncovered a massive industrial spy ring using Trojan software to commit espionage against some of their leading companies. Eleven private investigators are under arrest, who were hired by the corporations to steal the information. It is expected that some of them will testify as witnesses for the state. Based on evidence already gathered, the police state they have gained access to FTP servers in Israel and the United States containing tens of thousands of confidential documents.

The Trojans are believed to have been implanted in e-mails and or CD's containing business proposals. Twenty one executives have been detained for questioning.

There are numerous companies involved. More information on this story can be found by "clicking" on the title, or by going to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The interesting twist to the story is that Israeli author (Amnon Jacont) became suspicious when his writing appeared on the internet, when he believed it had never left his PC. Jacont reported this to the authorities, who stumbled on the rest of the activity.

It is likely that upon further investigation, this crime has huge implications in several countries.

This brings to light that a lot of the technology used by criminals to commit crimes is freely available to those who would feign it is being used for legitimate purposes.

For more information on laws under consideration to combat this type of crime and links to some of the technology being abused, please visit a previous post on this blog.


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Its a shocking news that the eleven private investigators are involve in this fraud. But they re arrested this is the good news for us. Thanks for the post and informed us for this fraud.