Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Identity Theft (Fraud) Protection by Banks Rated

Daily, there are press releases about customers of financial institutions having their identities stolen. This has been happening for a number of reasons, including theft of people's personal information, pharming and phishing. A study was recently done by Javelin Strategy & Research.

The best institutions for protecting their customers were:

1. Discover Card
2. First National Bank of Omaha
3. Citibank
4. Bank of America
5. American Express

Javelin also offers a quiz anyone can take to determine if they are at risk: This quiz was done with assistance of the Better Business Bureau.

Javelin's website is at

You can e-mail Javelin directly for more information, email inquiry@javelinstrategy.

This is great information designed to protect the consumer. With the growing problem of identity theft/fraud, which is estimated to cost us 53 billion a year and claim 9 million victims, it is refreshing to see information being published to make us wiser consumers of financial products.

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