Sunday, February 26, 2006

California Continues to Lead the Fight in Terminating Identity Theft

California AND it's leaders have been instrumental in leading the way for legislation to protect it's citizens from identity theft. Interestingly enough, in a political world dictated by party ties, this effort has truly been a bipartisan effort.

SB 1386, which was the first law passed, requires disclosure of data breaches for any corporation doing business in California. This law has been credited with inspiring other laws throughout the United States and Senator Diane Feinstein is one of the sponsors of a similar bill before Congress, S 1789.

Unfortunately, this law is currently awaiting action in "committee."

This week, Governor Schwarzenegger, opened the second annual Identity Theft Summit:

02/23 - Schwarzenegger Opens Identity Theft Summit

Here is a list of California Identity Theft Laws, courtesy of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

I did a previous post on Terminating Identity Theft in California, which illustrates the teamwork of California's leaders in battling this growing epidemic. Hopefully other "leaders" will follow the example and pass the necessary legislation to combat this problem on both a national and international basis.

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