Friday, March 17, 2006

Communication is a Key Factor in the Fight Against Financial Crimes

Technology seems to outpace laws and enforcement efforts in the world of financial crimes. Communication and awareness are two ways to keep up with technology.

In fact, Robert Mueller (FBI Director) recently called for the same thing. I wrote about this in a previous post: Cyber Criminals Love a Lack of Communication.

Monica Hatcher of the Miami Herald reports about another effort to better coordinate resources in the fight against financial crimes:

Until recently, law enforcement had few ways to keep track of consumer scams which seem to multiply daily, often duplicating investigative efforts and missing out on valuable information gathered by government counterparts.

The Center for the Study of Economic Crimes, a joint project of St. Thomas University School of Law and Florida State University College of Criminology, was established about a year ago to address the problem.

The center will host today its first national conference, drawing more than 300 government officials, law enforcement agents and corporate leaders to discuss emerging trends in white collar crime and consumer fraud.

The conference complements the center's main tasks of hosting and developing, a national clearing house for information on fraud-related topics, and producing scholarly reports on trends.

Here is the full story:

University hosts national conference on crime, fraud trends

Link to FraudUpdate for more information.

Law enforcement, security experts and the corporate world need to join hands to combat an alarming increase in financial crimes. Financial crimes, inspired primarily by the internet, are quickly becoming a major threat to the well being of the economy.

In my opinion, this is a step in the right direction.

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