Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Identity Thief's Identity Can be Amazing

Identity theft can affect anyone and sometimes it's surprising, who the culprits turn out to be.

For instance, a man was recently arrested in San Francisco and charged with 53 counts of fraud and forgery. For months, he had been "hanging out" in Nob Hill hotels, which is where the rich and famous stay in the "City." When the authorities searched his room they found 500 names and credit card numbers, including those of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and a spokeperson for the FBI.

Maybe Ms. Pelosi will have a more personal perspective when she reviews federal legislation designed to protect people from these crimes. Many are saying that the legislation being proposed isn't "victim friendly."

The major complaint against this legislation is that it allows the entity compromised too much sway in determining when potential victims need to be warned and will nullify State laws requiring disclosure.

Not sure where our "Nob Hill Bandit" got the idea to use a iPod to store stolen data, but the scenario was recently used in the Harrison Ford movie "Firewall." In the movie, Harrison deftly steals a large amount of data from his bank, using a iPod to store the information. Of course (in the movie) he does it because kidnappers are holding his family and saves the day (including the stolen data) by the end of the movie.

Here is the the full story on the "Nob Hill Bandit" by United Press International.

Another story, which caught my eye this morning, especially with all the IRS phishing scams going on is where a IRS worker committed identity theft.

The Associated Press is reporting that a IRS worker in Dallas is being charged with 12 counts of fraud for using a social security number to obtain credits cards fraudulently.

Of course, the reporter was unable to reach the IRS worker's attorney for comment and the prosecutor will not comment where the defendant stole the information.

Here is the full story on the IRS employee.

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