Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cyber Gangs Luring Children to Launder Money

In Australia, a Triad (Chinese Organized Crime Gang) with ties to Malaysia and Russia recruited children to launder money, stolen as a result of "phishing" schemes. Teenagers and a few "20 something" types were recruited to receive the stolen funds in their own bank accounts. They would then turn over the money (minus a commission) to low level members of the gang, who would wire the money overseas.

Unfortunately, it appears from the article I read in the Sydney Herald by Frank Walker that no one at the higher echelons of the gang was apprehended.

For the full story from the Sydney Herald, link here.

Please note that the Australian authorities are prosecuting the individuals involved.

Criminal gangs involved in cyber-crime recruit people to launder the money from financial crimes all the time, and it doesn't only happen in Australia. In fact, evidence shows it is a worldwide issue that is getting worse all the time.

I recently wrote a post about a BBB (Better Business Bureau) employee, who was recruited to do pretty much the same thing:

BBB Worker Takes Job Processing Fraudulent eBay Transactions

Cyber crooks recruit people in chat rooms and even surf jobs sites like looking for what they consider "dupes" to take all the "risks" for them. It appears (from this story) that they aren't above using our children to commit their "foul deeds."

Before accepting any job offers from an unknown source on the Internet, it's smart to do your homework. This is especially true, if you are asked to use your own financial resources to negotiate any financial transaction. Furthermore, if any of the above factors "ring true" and you are asked to "wire" money run away from the deal as fast as you can.

Here is a pretty good resource to educate yourself (and others) on Job Scams:

World Privacy Forum

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