Thursday, June 29, 2006

Israeli Sites Under Attack by Islamic Hackers

There has been a lot of speculation that Islamic groups use the Internet to further their political objectives. With the recent tension in the Gaza Strip, here is evidence of their capabilities as reported by Gal Mor, Ehud Kinan of YNet news:

Hundreds of websites were damaged by hackers in recent hours, following IDF activity in the Gaza Strip. The hackers are members of the Moroccan “Team Evil” group, responsible for most of the website damage in Israel in the past year. This is the largest, most concentrated attack on Israeli websites in recent years.

A Ynet investigation revealed that more than 750 Israeli websites, on a number of different domains, were hacked into and damaged in recent days. Prominent among them were the Soldier’s Treasury Bank, Bank Hapoalim (not the main page), Rambam Hospital, the Society for Culture and Housing, BMW Israel, Subaru Israel, Jump Fashion, non-profit organization “Yedid,” Kadima’s youth website, and the Globus Group ticket center. Many of these sites have not yet returned to normal.

Hackers left the message: You’re killing Palestinians, we’re killing servers.

For the full story on YNet, link here.

There is a lot of speculation of how terrorist groups might use the Internet to disrupt systems. Here are some previous posts, I've written on that matter:

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T.L. Stanley said...

Good post. It seems that terrorists will use hacking against us if possible. Our DOD must secure our systems. Take care.