Saturday, August 26, 2006

Secret Service is Studying the Problem from Within

The USSS (Secret Service) is studying how dishonest "insiders" can pose a large problem to organizations.

Here's what they say about it in their press release:

The report released today focuses on the people who have had access to and have perpetrated harm using information systems in the banking and finance sector, which includes credit unions and financial institutions. The findings underscore the importance of organizations’ technology, policies and procedures in securing their networks against insider threats, as most of the cases showcased in the report were perpetrated by insiders with minimal technical skills. Various proactive practices are among the suggestions offered by the report.

“With the potential for cyber crime and network intrusion expanding rapidly around the globe, the importance of cooperation with our partners in the private sector is greater than ever,” said Secret Service Director W. Ralph Basham. “The Insider Threat Study is a solid example of the role the Secret Service and its partners can play in understanding threats and helping to prevent serious crimes such as network intrusions, identity theft and financial fraud.”
Link to press release, here.

Link to full study, here.

I have no doubt that individuals and even people planted as "insiders" pose a serious threat to the safety/security of any organization. Information is worth a lot of money and getting an asset on the inside makes stealing it, pretty easy.

There is a report by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, I quote often, which shows that the reason for a lot of data breaches is never discovered, here.

I wonder if any of them were inside jobs?

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