Saturday, September 23, 2006

California Could be the First to Address RFID Safety

California might be the first to address the issue of RFID and privacy. The Identity Information Protection Act of 2006 is expected to be on Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk by month's end.

To read a fact sheet by the Electronic Frontier Foundation - link here.

And our privacy might not be the only thing at stake. There is a scary video (from YouTube) about how RFID could identify what country a person is from, and be used by terrorists to detonate a bomb, here.

RFID is becoming a highly controversial technology. Here is a previous post, I did:

RFID, A Necessary Evil; or an Invasion of Privacy

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Anonymous said...

So will California make U.S. passports illegal???

You know! With the legislators we have and the governator we have!!! It just might happen.