Saturday, September 24, 2005

All Criminals are the Same

Bernie Ebbers has some company behind bars, although it is doubtful he will see them for a long time. Dennis Kozlowski and Mark Swartz, formerly of Tyco International have been sentenced to 8 to 25 years in prison. These two "gems" of society ripped off millions of dollars from the company they ran. Since they were convicted by the people of New York, they will not being going to "Club Fed" (Federal Prison), which means they will serve hard time.

In another case, David Radler, the former publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times, has also entered a guilty plea for scamming $32 million from the newspaper's parent company.

Enron's Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling will be going on trial soon, also. Maybe Aunt Millie will see some justice? Here is a previous post, I did on Enron: The Road to Justice is Slow for Aunt Millie. Even if they are convicted, it is doubtful that their true victims (the people of California) will ever be made whole.

In all these cases (these greedy people of means) destroyed thousands of jobs and cost hard working investors millions of dollars. In addition to this, the costs of their misdeeds (in some instances) were passed on to ordinary people, who needed the services they provided.

In the end, they deserve no sympathy and are no better (or different) than their new neighbors at the crossbar hotel! In fact, since they all had considerable "means" when they committed their crimes, they are probably worse.

For a post on Bernie Ebbers, click on the title above.

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Baljit Singh said...

In my country, corruption at high levels is considered normal. It's a shame when it is seen in the country, which is considered the leader of the free world.

Only in America do the rest of us have hope that justice will come about.