Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Insiders are a Threat to Securing our Borders

We plan to spend billions of dollars securing our border. Here is a scary story from USA Today about how insiders are circumventing the controls already in place:

Consider: On the California border, at least nine immigration officers have been arrested or sentenced on corruption-related charges in the past 12 months. One of those convicted of smuggling in illegal immigrants turned out to be an illegal immigrant himself, who had used a fake birth certificate to get hired by the Border Patrol.

On the Texas border, at least 10 officers have been charged or sentenced in corruption schemes over the past year, including four Border Patrol agents — all assigned to the same highway checkpoint — who admitted taking money to let both drugs and migrants pass.

The numbers are a snapshot, but the picture is clear.

USA Today story, here.

Of course - this is nothing new - the easiest way to get past any security system is to have an inside connection.

Perhaps, the Secret Service is right on target with their study on the "insider problem."

And as long as border insecurity is profitable to the criminal element - I fear there will be plenty of financial resources to recruit - or plant - dishonest people within organizations to do their bidding.

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