Friday, October 06, 2006

Dollar Tree Hacker Nabbed - Do You Know His Friend?

Surveillance Photo Courtesy of CBS/USSS
Last summer, Dollar Tree and a lot of their customers were victimized -- when their point of sale platforms were compromised (hacked) -- and a large amount of debit-card information was stolen.
It was reported that the loss from this caper amounted to about a million dollars.
CBS reported yesterday that a Glendale man, Parkev Krmoian was arrested in this matter. His partner-in-crime (pictured above) is still at large.
The fraudulent debit-card activity occurred in Northern California, but Parkev was arrested in Southern California (Glendale).
CBS story, here.
If you happen to see, or know Parkev's friend - please notify the Sacramento Secret Service Office at 916-930-2130.


Anonymous said...

now our local dollar tree asks you to enter your phone number when you pay cash...the clerk said they "use it to track our customers"...

Anonymous said...

If someone asks you to enter your phone number, just say "NO!"

dollar tree fuels the black market said...

dollar tree is such a shady operation to begin with they might have simply dealt this information to the hacker for the black market and covered their tracks by saying it was a cyber attack...either way they should be held responsible..these retail operations are highly uncredible..there was a situation in which they were divulging private information on applicants applications for gangs in order to find out people's private residence