Saturday, April 30, 2005

Halliburton Does Business in Nigeria

Although, the Nigerians aren't the only one's doing "Advance Fee" scams; they are generally known as the masters. I ran across something that's pretty scary. It seems that Halliburton (Dick Cheney used to be the CEO) feels that it is necessary to hire a law firm (used in the past by G. W. Bush) to investigate allegations that illegal payments were made to secure a Nigerian construction contract. In fact, as the article states, some of these payments were allegedly made during Dick Cheney's tenure as CEO.

Please note that Halliburton has recently had to agree to pay back sizeable amounts of money for overpayments and kickbacks done by their employees in Iraq. It seems that Halliburton has received all the lucrative contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan in the post 911 era.

Halliburton gets a lot of tax money and it is scandalous that they would be doing this in a country that openly victimizes most of the world. In fact, if there is any merit to these allegations, they fit right in the mix over there.

Note that in most Nigerian scams, the money is sent overseas and we rarely hear of any prosecutions.

For more on Halliburton and the Nigerians please go to

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Although, the old Nigerian 419 letters promising to make you a millionaire are well known. Here is one of the latest twists, using religion as a hook.

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