Friday, February 17, 2006

Who Really Profited in the Hurricane Disasters

In reference to this week's news about mismanagement in the Katrina disaster, the Washington Post is saying:

"The Senate as well as the White House should conclude from this story that FEMA "reform" cannot amount to mere organizational change or undue attention to the overworked question of whether the agency belongs inside DHS. The agency needs some much simpler changes, too: It could start, for example, by learning who made these terrible decisions and relieving them of their duties immediately."

Apparently, along with the rampant fraud that was going on, FEMA spent 900 million on modular homes, which by their own regulations aren't permissible for use in the area they bought them for. These homes will now be sold for pennies on the dollar and many of them have warped from sinking into the mud.

Here is the editorial from the Washington Post:

Waste, Fraud and Abuse

I did a post on the fraud in Katrina, where I stated: No Wonder We are Facing a Budget Crisis.

In this post, I estimated fraud could have been 691 million. This was based on figures cited in an article, I read.

Perhaps someone should be taking a closer look at this....specifically to see who profited from it?

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