Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mounties Lack Resources to Fight Organized Crime and Cite Ties to Terrorism

The Canadian Press is reporting:

The head of the RCMP says his agency is increasingly concerned about evidence that organized crime groups are helping to fund terrorist gangs.

Giuliano Zaccardelli's observations Monday may come as a shock to some, but not to those who monitor trends in law enforcement.
Almost every conceivable type of organized crime helps to finance terrorist groups whose chief goal is killing Westerners, said one expert in the field.
That can mean the proceeds from hashish baggies being peddled on street corners, cocaine trafficking, prostitution, pick-pocketing, knock-off designer items and credit card fraud.
Zaccardelli wasn't quite that specific during his appearance before a Senate committee Monday. But he said the evidence is clear, and continually mounting.
Here are some specific examples backing up this claim made by John Thompson of the Mackenzie Institute, which is a Toronto Think Group:
Almost all terrorist groups around the world use organized crime to pay for their operations.
Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden are no different.
The bombers who blew up Madrid's rail system in 2004, injuring 192 people and wounded 2,050, financed their operation by selling hashish.
Hashish from the Middle East, heroin from...Afghanistan and Pakistan, cocaine, it all at some point goes through the hands of terrorists on its way down to the street.
The basic training for al-Qaeda recruits includes at least four major components: handling firearms, making bombs, ideological reinforcement, and supporting yourself through credit-card fraud.
He points to ex-Montrealer Ahmed Ressam, who was convicted of trying to blow up Los Angeles airport on New Year's Eve 1999.
Ressam also planned to set up a side business to help fund his terrorist jihad.
"He was going to try and set up a shop so they could access people's credit cards and start counterfeiting them.''

Link to full story, here.

The saddest part of all this is that the RCMP, who are known for "getting their man" are admitting they only have the resources to address about one-third of this activity.

For another article by the National Post on current RCMP resources and their border problem, link here.

Perhaps, we in the United States should take notice - while we focus on the border to the South - here is another reason, "We Can No Longer Allow Criminals to Control Our Borders."

It seems the Canadians are coming to the same conclusion.

Here is a previous post, I did on this problem:

Do Financial Crimes and Internet Fraud Fund Terrorism

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This is good info. Also, we in America are so preoccupied with the illegal immigrant issue the we are blinded to organized crime and the funding of terrorist groups. Take care,