Saturday, May 20, 2006

Counterfeit Postal Money Orders Showing Up in IScams Again

If someone you know over the Internet asks you to cash a money order -- or offers it you as a form of payment -- it's probably best to remember the old legal term "Caveat emptor, or "Buyer Beware."

As reported by readers and other sources, the Internet market is (again) being flooded with counterfeit U.S. Postal Money Orders. After not being around for awhile, these items are raising their ugly head again.

The U.S. Postal Inspectors have speculated in the past that these items are being counterfeited in Western Africa and Eastern Europe. For an interesting article from the NY Times about this, link here.

This is probably the best article, I've read on this subject.

The Postal Inspectors also have a page on how to identify counterfeit money orders.

Yes, counterfeit Postal Money Orders are making a come back, but the core activity has never stopped. The Internet is full of counterfeit methods of payment and the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to recognize the social hook the criminal uses, or "something too good to be true."

While we thought counterfeit Postal Money Orders were a thing of the past, they were replaced with counterfeit items from other money order issuers and legitimate money orders, which were altered.

Of course, there are also those counterfeit cashiers checks, which have been done from so many different financial institutions, it seems impossible to keep up with.

Internet fraud artists are constantly mutating their methods to confuse their victims.

In a recent post on Internet scams, I wrote:

"Thus far, these money orders are showing up mostly in Advance fee fraud (419) scams.
The Advance Fee scam is where a ruse is used to get a victim to send them money (nowadays normally wire-transfer) in anticipation of riches (or sometimes love) to come. The best known is the "Nigerian Letter," but the activity has mutated into romance, lottery, auction, check cashing, work at home and reshipping (as mentioned below) scams.
In a lot of the more recent Advance Fee activity, the victim is tricked into involving themselves in criminal activity, whether it be forwarding stolen merchandise, or negotiating bogus financial transactions and sending the funds elsewhere."

When someone from a Internet source offers free money, romance, or to pay more than something is worth - you are probably dealing with a fraudster.

Anyone, who does this for them, ends up with a huge loss. Even if you can convince the authorities you are a victim, the civil responsibility will still fall on you.

To make matters worse, a lot of petty criminals are getting in on the action, also. They get on the Internet, impersonate victims, get the instruments and then cash them with no intention of sending money back to the crook that sent them the item.

I predict, it's going to get harder and harder to convince the authorities that the person cashing them is totally innocent. Recently - in a "Judge Judy" episode - her "honor" chewed a defendant up and down for cashing a bunch of counterfeit money orders (through her sister's account) and claiming to be "totally innocent." In less than a minute, Judge Judy was easily able to establish that this victim had benefited financially from her transaction and had in fact never wired any money anywhere.

Best bet for all of this is to learn how to spot this activity and when we do, run away from it as fast as we can!

Of course, reporting it and making other's aware can help, also.


Unknown said...

Victimized by US Postal Money Order Internet Scam!

“Yet the City of Independence Missouri Police Department and Jackson County Missouri utilize the fraud in which I was victimized to commit a crime called conspiracy to obstruct justice!”

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2007 Judge/Commissioner Time Day Setting Event JEFFREY LYNN BUSHUR 9:00 AM 1 OF 1 Preliminary Hearing Event Text: Location:DIVISION 33 CRIMINAL/TRAFFIC Independence Criminal/Traffic

I was victimized in this US Postal money order scam by selling products online. I was shocked when I received a charge for the incident. I spoke to the FBI regarding the case and they informed me to send my attorney as much supported material as possible detailing the scam, and how I fit in as a victim rather than a defendant. Attached is some related material. I hope you have received my case.file.


Ryan C. Jennings

p.s. Link to the New York Times article of the identical Internet US Postal Money Order Fraud Scam: New York sees whos responsible, Independence Detective alters the blame to me ?????? ?????? ?????? FUCX

Follow-up: To me, Detective Meadows needs to have a case of justice brought upon him for the crime of conspiracy to obstruct justice in what I have already reported as evidence in several federal real estate fraud cases. Why they keep wasting time and pushing pause in this world of crime in which we live is beyond me. My word is of black and white text that illustrates crimes that others have comitted that violate me. But detective meadows gets a paycheck from the City of Independence Missouri. Therefore it is obvious that the IndepPD is still a remaining variable on the dark side of this end of days war called wicked vs the righteous.

Why I cry is the Reason Detective Meadows will never play the Guitar like Steve Vai,
Thus my eye-to-ey gains another stye, but this blog will destine his ticket out of our world, say good-bye, Detective Your a Wrong-Song guy, Thats why I cry, and you’ll continue to falsifly the lie, I’m telling you why, so forever don’t wonder why!
I cry, and you’ll never play the guitar like Steve Muther Fucking Vai, Say Goodbye, Mr. Money Can Buy!! !!!!!!

Ryan Jennings
Comment by rysan December 22, 2007 @ 6:35 pm

bow said...

i am victim of counterfeit money order,it is unbelievably hard to file a police report, have to go through 2 different police departments ;Dallas n Richardson, Texas (bank located in next county)several times,both refuse to take down my statement, each claimed does not have any juridiction, the PD detective where i live told me no crime has taken place,told me forgery is not a crime,give a very rude lesson by the phone, can not believe PD is so incompetent in USA.

Anonymous said...

There is a person on the Craigs List that is sending fraud Postal Money Orders.They are using the name Mike Calvry
email ad.
also the name wayne curtis

If you have any questions e mail me at
or call 214 808 9961

Unknown said...

The counterfeits are being used in secret shopper scams, one of the names is Dennis Hunt. The number he gives its a magic jack number he not even smart enough to change the voicemail message. When I called it, it said the magic jack customer is not available. He fed-ex you a postal money order, that he wants you to cash at your bank. Take $100.00, and western union the rest to another person to suppose to be in Altanta, Ga. Then he wants the transaction number so someone can get the money anywhere. The Postal money doesn't have the watermark or security that can be seen when held up to light.

Anonymous said...

I have been a victim a fraud money order scam, this person is operating in the Losa Angeles Area, he is operating undr multiple names, with multiple emails. He also has different phone number, if any one out there investigate this matter and leading to his areest please help. Steve Tikle, Mimi Kimora, Brian Sawyer, and Gary May. He impersonate that he is representing Marketforce, his phone number is (714) 798-5691 or (603) 446-6379 this is the email address that he uses,,,, and please help in the arrest of this person.

Anonymous said...

I thought that i was a ligit canidate for a secret shopper job,they told me they founfd my resume online and a fell for it. now i'm probably going to owe my bank over 1500.00 hundred dollars that i don't have bacause of these people i am a single mom just trying to make ends meet. the guy went by the name paul patino and , mark tyrell, i'm glad that i talked to the bank manager before i sent anymore money! I'M AN IDIOT!!! I don't know what to do now.The guy kept calling me from a restricted number yelling at me to send him the money. i told him my bank put a hold on the funds and theres nothing i could do about that point he proceded to tell me to send whatever was in my account. thats when i knew something wasnt right. i went straight to the bank and contacted the attorney generals office and filed a police report. Honestly i believe the fed x worker that has dropped of the packages has something to do with it.i"m scared cause idk what is gonna happen now. Those people had several E-Mails.

numbers 323-515-4741