Saturday, July 22, 2006

Get Stopped for a Traffic Violation - Become an Identity Theft Victim

Here's a scary story, where people being stopped for traffic violations were having their information (obtained for the tickets) sold in an identity theft scheme.

The Boston Police Officers behind this were also (allegedly) involved in narcotics, fraudulent gift cards, smuggling illegal immigrants, identity theft, sponsoring after hour parties with prostitutes, selling steroids, insurance fraud, trafficking in stolen electronics and "fixing" traffic tickets.

I wonder if the people who paid to have their traffic ticket "fixed," had their identities sold afterwards?

The AP is reporting (courtesy of KATV Boston):

"Three Boston police officers accused of taking $35,000 in exchange for protecting a cocaine shipment were arrested in Miami on federal drug charges in an FBI (website) sting operation, authorities said Friday. Roberto Pulido, 41, Carlos Pizarro, 36, and Nelson Carrasquillo, 35, were arrested late Thursday in Miami. Authorities described Pulido as the ringleader and said he was involved in a broad range of other illegal activities, from identity theft to smuggling illegal immigrants to selling steroids."

"Pulido allegedly provided names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of more than 160 people to the group, according to the affidavit. He is accused of getting the information by running the license plates of people he stopped or arrested."

Full story, here.

There seems to be a lot of public officials getting caught with their hands in the "cookie jar." Recently, the FBI added a page where anyone can report misdeeds involving public officials.

Link, here.

Quite frankly, it saddens me to see how many public officials seem to be getting caught. After all, most of us were brought up to believe these people had a higher calling in life.

On the other hand, if it weren't for "good people" in law enforcement, they would still be out doing these shameful deeds.

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