Monday, July 17, 2006

Bid Reaper, "TELLING IT LIKE IT IS" on eBay

Over the past year, I've written more than one post about problems on eBay. Recently, my friend and partner in "Digging A Little Deeper," Paul Young was able to get the "Bid Reaper" to give me honorable mention on his site.

I'll have to admit, I had never been exposed to the "Bid Reaper" before. I found the site to be extremely informative, and a "informative" read for anyone trying to navigate the "sometimes" murky waters of Internet auctions.

Bid Reaper's motto is - Telling "IT" like it is - and it details what is going wrong on eBay - right now.

I plan to continue my visits to "Bid Reaper" and highly recommend that anyone interested in protecting themselves on eBay - do so - also!

And the pictures (see above) are very "interesting," to say the least. The very vision of the "Bid Reaper" should instill fear in auction fraudsters - as well as - eBay's marketing department.

To visit the "Bid Reaper," click here.

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