Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mexican Organized Crime Ring is Mass Producing Fake Documents - and Considers Terrorism an American Problem

Not sure why this story doesn't seem to be making a "splash" in the media, but Sara Carter of the is reporting that the stepdaughter of an organized human smuggling ring is assisting the authorities. The "ring" is responsible for the mass production of forged documents - which according to the step daughter (Saud Leija) - are sold to anyone, who coughs up the money to pay for them.

And this problem could go beyond illegal immigrants having the means to blend in our society, several of the 9-11 terrorists entered the country using forged documents.

If what she is saying is true, this organized crime ring could threaten all of us.

From the Daily Bulletin:

Suad Leija has many secrets.

The stepdaughter of Manuel Leija-Sanchez -- a key figure in what federal authorities believe is a document fraud organization run by the Castorena and Leija-Sanchez families -- has been in hiding and on the run from her own family.

To help U.S. authorities crack down on document fraud, human smuggling and a host of other international crimes, she has revealed her family business, identified relatives and shed light on a series of national security failures.

Fraudulent documents allegedly produced by the families include Social Security cards, driver's licenses, passports, hazardous materials licenses, utility bills and a variety of other forms of identification. To one degree or another, all can be used to board aircraft, transport dangerous materials, earn employment at secure government facilities, and otherwise help illegal immigrants blend into the fabric of American life.

And here is a scary thought about how their "business" might enable a terrorist to cross the border:

During the visit, Suad and her husband met with Natividad and her uncle, Juan Luis Echeveste, who is Natividad's bodyguard. She asked what would happen if the family's fake documents ever fell into the hands of a terrorist trying to enter the U.S.

The answer was frightening, Suad said.

My grandfather said, "Terrorism is an American problem, not a Mexican problem."

Organized crime groups are working together and Suad confirmed this when she said:

"I told (the congressmen) about Pedro and my stepfather, and how they worked together in the cartel,'' Suad said. "I told them about my family and their connections to the Russians, Polish people and the possible threat they pose to this country.''

Of note, many law enforcement experts speculate that the Eastern Europeans are the main players in "computer crimes," which has led to a record amount of "identities" being stolen. If this is the case, the relationship would seem to "mutually advantageous."

For the full story by the Daily Bulletin: Click Here

I written about this before and I'll say it again - I'm not against human beings trying to better themselves - but we can no longer allow criminals to control our borders! After reading this, it's no wonder we are facing an "identity theft crisis" when you consider where they must be getting the information to produce the fake documents.

Unfortunately, the "identity theft crisis" is minor in comparison to the potential of this activity giving terrorists the means to enter the country and murder Americans.

They are a "clear and present danger" to our citizens and should be dealt with, accordingly.

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