Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Do It Yourself Crime Kits Victimize the Masses

It appears that phishing attempts have hit an all time record thanks to the availability of "do it yourself kits" available on the Internet.

Phishing is a leading cause of identity theft, which impacts millions of people a year.

Dinah Greek, Computeract!ve reports:

This was the warning from the Anti Phishing Working Group (APWG) , which said the kits allow non-technical criminals to start up their own online criminal empires.

All the information they need to set up phishing emails or websites infected with malware, such as Trojans, viruses and worms, is contained in the kits bought and sold online.

Full story, here.

Do it yourself (crimeware) kits aren't entirely new and have been reported before, here.

We keep hearing about the record number of phishing attempts being recorded. Unless some of these people start getting caught - we are likely to see the number continue to grow!

And the criminal "do it yourself industry" doesn't limit itself to phishing. Kits on how to scam on auction sites are also being sold (previous post), here.

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