Saturday, September 09, 2006

Jose R. Nunez - An Innocent Victim of the 9-11 Murderers

It happened almost five years ago and most of us will never forget exactly where we were at, or what we were doing on 9-11. It was a day that changed the world.

I'm here to remember the father of three daughters, Jose R. Nunez, who at age 42 was murdered by a bunch of cowards seeking their own sick "glory."

Jose was a hard working man, devoted to his family, who died because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Mirelys, Marelnys and Melissa (Jose's daughters) have been forced to grow up without the father they knew and loved.

The murderers behind 9-11 and their cronies have made killing innocent people "a strategy" in their efforts to spread their malicious beliefs. Even as we hunt them down - they seem to violate the norms of war by not wearing uniforms and hiding behind innocent civilians.

We need to recognize them for what they really are - or dangerous criminals.

Jose was a real person and loved by real people. For them, nothing is going to replace Jose as the father, husband and friend he actually was.

God bless our brother, Jose. May we never forget his sacrifice, or the real suffering imposed on his loved ones.

The blogosphere (2996) of us are remembering the people - who have their lives on 9-11. If you would like to read more, link here.


Corpus said...

thank you

ChoosingJoy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog to read about Ms. Jeudy...and for remembering Mr. Nunez in your blog. Feel free to stop by for another tribute to one of the 2,996.

We will never forget.

Meowkaat said...

God bless him and his family...

Bedazzzled1 said...

Thank you for this tribute. My prayers are with his family.

prying1 said...

As I travel through these tribute posts my heart is breaking. A lot of wonderful people left planet earth as a result of the 9-11 attrocity.

I'm convinced as the terrorist's souls left the flames of the crash they went straight into hell. May more of their ilk join those "martyred saints" as they find themselves trapped forever in the wrath of the Living God...