Monday, October 09, 2006

The Hackers from China are at it AGAIN!

I've done several posts about Chinese Hackers going after U.S. Government systems. Today, I read about another example of this on Michael Hoffman's DailyTech blog:

The US BIS has been forced to overhaul its PCs by replacing hundreds of the infected systems.

Chinese hackers allegedly targeted computer systems at the Bureau of Industry and Security, a specialized department within the department of commerce dealing with the export of software and technology designed for military and commercial uses. The online thieves were aiming to access computer accounts of federal employees over a span of time that ranges at least several weeks. Even though several accounts were compromised during the attacks, no sensitive data has been stolen.

Post from Michael Hoffman's blog, here.

Hackers from China seems to be a serious issue, here are some previous posts, I've written on this matter:

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