Sunday, October 08, 2006

Internet Criminals Love to Have Money Wired to Them (Wisconsin) did an excellent article about a woman - who after looking for a roommate on - was defrauded out of $1400.00 when she wired a "deposit" for an apartment to Canada.

Wire Transfer fraud is becoming a "huge" problem on all sorts of Internet sites, especially those of the auction and job variety.

Some detailed research was put into this article, which revealed the following (sad) statistics:

"A recent survey of seven states found that one-third of all Western Union transfers to Canada were fraud-induced."

"After complaints and threats of lawsuits, Western Union agreed last year to spend $8.1 million on a consumer awareness program to alert consumers to the potential of wire fraud."

Good read from, here.

BUT Canada isn't the only place the money is sent. There are a lot of sad stories of victims wiring money to West Africa, Europe -- and even within the United States.

If you have been a victim of a fraudulent wire transfer, the right place to report it in the United States is the Federal Trade Commission, here.

In Canada, Phonebusters might be able to help (they have a toll-free U.S. number), here.

To learn more about these types of scams, the has a link to the FTC page regarding this problem, or Craigslist has a pretty informative page, here.

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michael webster said...

Don't expect much from phonebusters. I am concerned that this effort is more public relations than effective law enforcement. They used to publish a wonderful bad guys list, but it completely disappeared from their site. The RCMP sites are equally bad. It is too bad because only continued adverse publicity about the actual individuals will serve as any deterent.