Friday, September 09, 2005

Getting Revenge on Phishers

Recently, I was contacted by Robin Grimes, who has launched a site: Many of us receive numerous phishing e-mails daily, which can be extremely annoying. On Robin's site, you can submit a URL and the phisher will receive fake entries over and over again. The site describes how to (hover) over a link, or click (copy and paste) to get it's true URL, which you can then submit on the site. With malicious internet activity on the rise, I recommend using the "hovering" method versus actually opening anything on your computer by clicking on it.

More and more sites are showing up where you can catch all kinds of nasty software that can be used to steal personal and financial information. Viruses (malware, spyware, worms, etc.) are also known to be passed via attachments on e-mail. There are a lot of posts on my site about this, but here is a link to one that might be helpful:

Please note that this is one of many posts dedicated to this activity and I have a search box at the top if anyone cares to research it further.

Here is another post, I did on other sites that fight fraud and phishing by harrassing our friendly fraudster community:

Artists against 419 and the Ebola Monkey Man are pretty interesting. I hear that the lads (dudes), who run Artists against 419 are shutting down fake sites on a consistent basis.

Again, a lot of these activities will serve to frustrate the internet fraudster, but it is prudent to be extremely careful given the people you might be dealing with. I wouldn't actually open any attachments, or go to a site where you might jeopardize yourself. I would also highly recommend that if you choose to engage in any of this activity that you ensure the protection on your computer is top notch and up to date.

As always, I have to strongly recommend that any suspected internet crimes be reported to the authorities. Here is a site from Anthony Elsop, which contains resources to report fraud over a wide spectrum:

Robin has joined our small community of people, who are sick and tired of this activity and want to do something about it. I welcome him to the effort!


prying1 said...

Thanks for the link to PhishFighting - I ran to my email box and guess what. Not a single phishing email to play with. I've deleted yesterdays so I guess I'll just have to wait. - (Twiddling thumbs and humming) - :-) -

prying1 said...

Phishfighting is fun - What I've been doing is taking the URL, put it on their page and see if the site is still up. As soon as I've 'caught one' I know to forward the message (with full headers) to the company involved and a couple spoof fighters...

Anonymous said...

I need assistance getting revenge on mail AFF/lottery scammers.

Preferably assistance from US/Canadian scam baiters.

The phone numbers for the scambaiters are 866 381 5868, 778 883 7790, 778 865 4151. If you do not believe me that they are scammers, just call the numbers and ask for their name, location, supervisor, extention, etc.

Please call those numbers to harrass the scammers, or just use those telephones for scam-baiting (giving these numbers to 419 scammers to call)

Your assistance will help slow down these scammers.

Thank you.